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New Singer Says Queensrÿche’s New Stuff Super Heavy


Todd La Torre
But he’s gotta say that shit, right? He’s the new guy.

Todd La Torre, who is Queensrÿche’s new singer, shared with the world that he’s started tracking vocals for the band’s next demo.

“[I am] loving the new songs. [They are] refreshing, not dated, and heavier than anything put out in years! Oh yeah,” Todd says.

La Torre says Queensrÿche has been his favorite band since he was 15 years old, so this must be a dream gig for him.

There’s no word yet on when Queensrÿche-sans-Geoff Tate’s new album will be out.

Tate’s new solo disc, on the other hand, has a firm release date.

His album come out in November and is called Kings & Thieves.