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Sirena Upset With Make Me Famous


She likes chocolate
Or in other words, two bands you don’t give a shite about are in some sort of an online fracas.

Sirena, a band from New Jersey, are breaking up. So do they care about burning bridges? Fuck no. I think it’s funny how pissed these dudes are, though. And so, decided to share their statement with you.

“Right now some of the worst people I’ve had the displeasure of working with are Outerloop Management and Make Me Famous. We arranged, through Outerloop, for Make Me Famous to rent our van for a tour this summer, which was cool since we weren’t using it much at the time because we got fucked last minute by The Paramedic because their manager was a stupid asshole and said they would be on a tour I worked 90-plus hours on booking myself and they bailed out.

“Now, Make Me Famous had a few issues with our van and had to replace a few parts, all well and fine and they deducted those costs from the payment, even though parts they said they fixed and had receipts for weren’t fixed, like the out headlight, and the van came back with more damage, an empty tank of gas (the contract said they had to return it full), 3 lights missing from the trailer, a hubcap missing from the van, the exhaust brackets broken leaving the exhaust laying on the axel, a wire box hanging loose under the van, and what looks like fucking chocolate smeared all over the windows inside the van.”

That’s fucked up. I hope it is, indeed, chocolate, and not caca.

“The van was returned to us 12 days late, and the bands manager didn’t even know it wasn’t returned (like wtf right?) and after the date it was supposed to be used it was still being driven around and GOT A SPEEDING TICKET THAT THEY WONT PAY FOR. What the actual fuck? So its been two months of getting the run around from them and I’m fucking tired of it, so flame is happening, they will probably all untag themselves and still not resolve the situation. People take advantage of bands all the time like this, I tried to handle it professionally for the longest time, but when someone fucks with you too much its time to put them on blast. Let it be known.”

Make Me Famous issued a retort in the aftermath: “Spreading LIES will NEVER get you anywhere, kids.”

Tell that to Rupert Murdoch.