Father John Misty @ Capitol Hill Block Party, Photo by Amber Zbitnoff

Do you like whiskey, cigarettes, awkwardly attractive dance moves, and distractingly well written song lyrics? If you don’t, please leave the city of Seattle immediately, we don’t need any more of your kind. If however you’re on Team Fun (or team Fear Fun in this case), get your gams to Neumos this Friday night to watch Father John Misty.

Since just May, I’ve had the great fortune of seeing FJM three times, and it’s with good reason I’m anxious to see him again. It seems as though each time he graces a stage, the crowd is as excited to hear him perform one of his masterly crafted songs as they are dying to know what is going to fly out of his mouth next. Whether it’s bitching about his former band (Fleet Foxes), lamenting about clubs around Seattle, or bantering with audience members. As easy as it would be to get distracted by the force that is Father John Misty’s personality and demeanor, he’s more than a series of soundbites. His talent is what gives him the ability to run any stage however he should so choose.

In his debut solo debut Fear Fun, every single song on the album is an unstoppable declaration of his independence from his former identity in Fleet Foxes. Father John is preaching to whoever will listen, “I will fend for myself/ With what looks I have left/ I’ll put away a few/ And pretty soon I’ll be breaking things like Howard Hughes.” What that, FJM seems to declare he’s making his own way, by whatever means necessary, to find his way through by way of his music. He’s an incredible storyteller, as showcased in songs like ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’ or ‘Now I’m Learning to Love the War.’ So many songs on his debut revolve around the music and entertainment machine that he’s been a part of for a hot minute, while simultaneously ensure he’ll be a part of it for years to come.

Father John Misty is one of Seattle’s only hopes when it comes to a rock star. He’s as charismatic as he is talented, and thankfully, this show isn’t sold out yet. Buy your tickets here, and have a lighter ready incase he decides to have a Camel on stage like the last time he was at Neumos.



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