What are you doing this weekend? Sounds fun, too bad you have to toss those plans in the nearest garbage can. Why, you may ask? Because the Grand Illusion Cinema is showing director Greydon Clark’s 1983 film Joysticks, that’s why. Whatever you had lined up, it wasn’t going to be nearly as much fun as this.

Joysticks is manic 80s teen sex romp set against the backdrop of a popular local arcade. Schlocky madness, a badass video gang led by King Vidiot (Jon Gries), and a mind-bending theme song, combine into this outrageous, convulsion of a film. Full of inspired madness from beginning to end, words fail to do Joysticks justice, and it is even more fun than it sounds.

Here’s a synopsis:

Overbearing father and all-around nogoodnik Joseph Rutter is furious to find out that his daughter is always hanging out at the local video arcade. In order to save his precious child from this evil scourge he mounts a crusade to shut the place down. Well of course the kids are gonna have something to say about that; cue hijinks, misadventures and gaming contests! Moronic humor, classic video games, and T&A abound in this shining kernel of corn in the turd of ’80s teen sex comedies!! With Joe (Walking Tall) Don Baker and Jon (Napoleon Dynamite) Gries as King Vidiot. From the director of Lambada: The Forbidden Dance.

Joysticks screens at 11pm Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22; and again Friday September 28 and Saturday, September 29.

Still not convinced? Watch the trailer for yourself.

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