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Doomriders Writing New Tunes


This, my friends, is some fucking dope news.

My friend Jen Guyre will be thrilled.

Doomriders — the New England monolith featuring vocalist and guitarist Nate Newton, also the bassist for Converge and the guitarist for Old Man Gloom — informed the world that writing has commenced for the follow-up to 2009’s Darkness Come Alive, which was an epic fucking release.

The band claims they’re currently writing new material and offered no timeline for the impending music…which is to say I have no fucking idea when it will be out.

By the way, Jen’s awesome. Before she moved to Los Angeles, she was basically the target of many a short, chubby metal blogger.

I’d watch these dudes just follow her around shows like puppies. It was pathetic. But she’s rad. Mad cool chick. And that’s why, I guess.