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Killswitch Engage’s Leach Laying Down Vocals


Killswitch Engage
So, how’s this for some sweet news?

Jesse Leach, who has returned order to the force by returning to Killswitch Engage, is — at this very moment — in Massachusetts.

He’s there, crashing at Adam Dutkiewicz’s pad, where the two are currently tracking vocals for the next Killswitch Engage record.

At this point, I don’t know much more than this: The guys spent hours in the studio yesterday, working on the new tracks.

It seems they’ve tracked vocals for at least three songs thus far.

Yesterday, Leach posted online: “Feels good to get some work done in the studio!”

The new Killswitch Engage record should be out next spring…I’m guessing. It needs to come out sooner, though. I need new Jesse-fronted Killswitch.