The first clip blew up yesterday and now we have the full video. In two parts. From Mother Jones.

First Video

Second Video

What will this do the Romney campaign? Three things.

First, it reinforces the notion that Romney will do or say anything to get elected. And before you jump on me, there’s a reason he held a press conference almost immediately after this video blew up. This hurt. No doubt. And he’s doubling down on his remarks. That’s understandable given he can’t really back away from them at this point, but the way he said what he has been talking about on the campaign trail…is what’s telling. He seemingly dimisses a wide swath of voters…who are in his corner. The 47% he mentions, inaccurately, are composed of folks who believe all sorts of things. Of all political stripes. Those aren’t all Obama voters. Let’s remember that we had one of the worst recessions in modern times. So yeah…bad move.

Second, while a lot of folks have been comparing this to Obama’s guns and religion remarks, this is far more damaging to Romney. Obama made those remarks during the Dem primary seasons. By the time the general election had rolled around, those remarks were nearly forgotten. Romney’s statements are being publicized less than 2 months way from the campaign. And while the story will definitely die down in the next few weeks…his remarks have to be brought up at the first debate on October 3rd. And that will reignite the controversy.

Third, it brings the tax questions that Romney dodged earlier in the campaign back to the fore. Why hasn’t he released his tax returns? How much income tax did he pay? Those are now fresh questions…and they didn’t need to be.

All in all, this is obviously a very negative situation for the Romney camp. Will they be able to pull out of it?

Leave your thoughts below.

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