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Eternal Fair @ Barboza Friday 9/21 *Buy Tickets*



Eternal Fair, Photo by Jason Tang

I love town shit. Music made in Seattle just has a better ring to it. It takes the hitch out of my giddy up. Really, the buzz from my speakers is so much better when what’s ricocheting out is from our fair emerald city. This week, I’ve been walking through our indian summer inflamed streets with Eternal Fair as my soundtrack.

When you hear that new live video of theirs, you’ll probably understand why it’s been on repeat. Lead singer Andrew Vait’s mustache/beard contraption combined with his soulful voice will probably make a fan out of you. And that guitar line, it bounces around my head and takes over my hips. They’re funky, and soulful, while still rock-y enough to not alienate those unfamiliar with bands of this genre.

This weekend, the band is playing Barboza with Pocket Panda and West. Things get weird starting around 7pm, and just $10 gets you in the door. Buy tickets here, and buy them soon– I heard from a (semi) reliable source this show’s close to selling out.