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Gallup: Romney's Comments Make 29% Of Indies Less Likely To Vote For Him


Well…the numbers show us that Dems and Repubs have pretty much made up their minds. But those Indies that Romney talked about in the video? Yeah, they’re still figuring it out. And Mitt’s comments obviously didn’t help his cause.

The numbers from Gallup…

So 29% are less likely, but 15% are more likely. That’s a 14% net gain for Obama.

And when you look at income groups, well, it shakes out as you’d may suspect with the poorest saying they’re less likely to vote for Romney. But there are a few things about this that stick out. Those thoughts after the numbers…

First, and obviously, folks who make between $29K and $59K are paying income taxes. And they’re 36% less likely, but 21% more likely. So that’s a 15% net gain for Obama.

Second, the folks who make between $60K and $89K only give Obama a 3% net gain…but those over $90K have a 4% net gain. Wonder why? Maybe those who are in the upper middle class feel like their wages are being taxed too much and that money is being fed into social programs?

Last, the the only real edge that Romney has over Obama is with older voters. And a fair number of those folks are on fixed incomes…and don’t pay income tax. Those numbers aren’t reflected here, but it’ll be interesting to see if those folks are more or less likely to vote for Romney after this situation.

More as it develops…