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Hear A New Deftones Song — Right Fuckin' Now!


It's rad

It’s at the end of this post, it’s called “Leather,” and holy fuck, I just wet myself. And I didn’t even pee.

The song has been posted online as a free download through the band’s official website,, which I have been checking religiously since yesterday, when the song was supposed to debut.

I love this tune. Sounds like Around the Fur-era Deftones, which is rad. That was always my favorite record, but you can also detect elements of later D-Tones, as well. Chino Moreno’s voice has changed a bit over the years, but he’s still got some of the best pipes in hard rock.

The band’s album Koi No Yokan will be in stores November 13.

The tune starts off slow, but just wait…it get’s so fucking good, so fucking quickly.

This is classic Deftones right here. The way it stops on a dime…I am definitely wet for this record.

Meanwhile, the Deftones have also confirmed that the new album’s track listing, which we had for you last week, was indeed accurate. Take that, flapjack.