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Readers’ Bands: Let’s File An Infinite Grievance


A picture of the band eluded me...
Week after week, we’ve been introducing you to the bands of our devout readership. For the most part, we’re shocked: Our fans actually have fucking talent!

Today’s Readers’ Band is a duo out of Calgary named Infinite Grievance, and holy shit, if you dig filthy, dirty, sinister doom, you’re in for a fucking treat.

Get ready to salivate like a fat kid!

“I’ve got this band here that maybe you could check out and possibly whore out on GSA if you feel like it,” writes the band’s guitarist and vocalist, Tim.

“We’ve got 4 releases currently available; 3 are free to be downloaded and a fourth can be purchased via BandCamp,” he writes.

Well, Tim, how’s about we whore your ass out via our Readers’ Bands column? Oh, wait…we just did.

For reals, though — I’m digging Infinite Grievance. I dig the name, I dig the sound, which is raw, unrefined, and just how I like it.

And Tim’s got some pipes on him, don’t he?

Check out Infinite Grievance…now.