Scott Ian

Scott Ian
I’ve often felt that Exodus and Testament were both overlooked in the whole “Big Four of Thrash” conversation, but then again, most people think me a dolt.

In a recent interview with Georgia Straight, Anthrax’s Scott Ian said that if the Big Four — his band, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer — were expanded to the Big Five, Exodus would be his pick.

“The only other band really that it would make sense [to include] as far as American thrash-metal would be Exodus, because they were there right at the beginning as well,” says Ian.

“Their first album came out right at the same time as the rest of us,” he adds. “So I mean, to me, yes — if you were gonna add a fifth band, certainly I would think Exodus would be able to fill that slot very easily.”

Or Testament.

What do you guys think?

  • I think Exodus got jipped the place just because Dave Mustaine was originally in metallica. Exodus easily deserves it more than Megadeth. Testament can rip it with the rest of them (if not better than), but I feel like they really appeared a bit too late.

  • Testament. They followed suit in the mid 90’s and tried to get a little more commercial, but these days they sound way better than most of the Big 4. They’ve gotten heavier, but without as drastic a change in sound as Exodus has made.