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See Jenny O. W/ Father John Misty at Neumos this Friday

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A few days ago CultureMob recommended the Father John Misty show at Neumos this Friday. Here’s why you need to get there early.

Jenny O. is pure America. The twang with pop sensibility, the proud declaration in the first song on her Home EP, when she sings “I’m a hippy” with a childlike voice that stops you in your tracks- this is music that you don’t want to miss.

In February Jenny O. is releasing her first full length album, Automechanic through her label Holy Trinity and getting it distributed by Thirty Tigers. Check out the title track here on Soundcloud. In the meantime, besides hearing her brand of catchy folk-pop in TV ads, and downloading Home (which you should do), there’s this amazing Friday show at Neumos. Tickets are still available,  $16 presale. Update: show is sold-out. Between Jenny O. and Father John Misty this is going to be a night of beautiful music full of heart and whimsey.

In the span of five songs there is a lot of range on the Home EP. With dance numbers like ‘Well OK Honey’ balanced with intimate and haunting songs like ‘All My Wishes’ were she sings “all my wishes have come true, and I feel blue, lonelier too.” It clearly comes from a place of honesty, and with just her voice and a guitar it all feels like a secret whispered in your ear. Her lyrics are as clever as they are moving, with a delicate vulnerability that draws you in. We are so lucky we invented microphones. Thanks Emile Berliner!

See this show Seattle. It’s going to be awesome.