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Shadows Fall Bassist A New Dad, Missing Shows


Shadows Fall
Congratulations are in order for Shadows Fall bassist Paul Romanko.

He’s a new father. Pretty rad, huh? I wonder if he’s mastered diaper changes yet. Baby poo scares me.

Because he’s a new pop, Paul will be missing the band’s forthcoming tour with God Forbid, Thy Will Be Done, Trumpet The Harlot and Howitzer, which is kind of a bummer. But it’s not like he’s out of the band, kids.

Calm down.

“He had his 1st kid this month so he is staying home for awhile as he and his wife get settled in,” revealed frontman Brian Fair.

Romanko also missed some summer touring with the band earlier this year, while he was recovering from carpal tunnel surgery.

Dark Day Sunday’s Ed Lanouette filled in for him the last time, but at this point, we don’t know who will be playing bass on the impending tour.