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Bolt Thrower, Sleep Added To Maryland Deathfest XI


That’s right, folks.

You’d think Maryland Deathfest XI couldn’t get much better, after pulling in the likes of Carcass, Aosoth, Convulse, and Pig Destroyer.

But every month, more awesome bands are added to the lineup.

The ten latest additions are Bolt Thrower, Sleep, Carpathian Forest, Revenge, Abigail, Cruciamentum, Anhedonist, Speedwolf, Ambassador Gun, and Asthma Castle.

“It looks like we’ll be announcing the venue info sometime next week,” organizers revealed online. “It’s impossible to put a precise date on that announcement, but everything is coming together. The final announcement of bands will be sometime between October 8-10.”

The lineup will further boast Iniquity, Exodus, Benediction, Glorior Belli, Righteous Pig, Venom, Pentagram, Pelican, Integrity, Antaeus, Convulse, Midnight, Morgion, Broken Hope, Kommandment, Weedeater, Pagan Altar, Broken Hope, Vinterland, Gride, and Loss.

I want to go. I need to go.