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PEW: Obama Leads Romney 51% to 43%


First, ,a href=””>let’s look at historical numbers going back to 1988…

I was actually surprised to see that Obama and McCain were tied at this point in 2008, but the Katie Couric interview of Palin in 2008 didn’t happen until late September…and that’s when the tide started to shift. And then you had the financial crisis happen soon after.

Think this number is striking? Let’s dig into why Obama has an advantage. It’s about the issues…and Romney only leads on one front…

That’s right. Reducing the deficit is all Romney has the advantage on.

And this is Pew. They’re not a fly-by-night polling org.

The only analog for a comeback is Bush v Gore in 2000, and that was 5 points…not 8. And Bush was much more relatable and Gore was the Romney of that campaign. Actually, he was the Kerry of that campaign…another “no lose” campaign for the challenger.

More as it develops…