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DJ Lethal Rips Into Fred Durst


He's not a wigger
Erstwhile Limp Bizkit mix master DJ Lethal is striking out online against his former bandmates.

I can’t imagine this is the kind of thing Twitter was invented for.

In addition to referring to them as “R&Bizkit” which is kind of genius, Lethal says, “I used to do it for the nookie. I’m lucky I didn’t get an STD. But if I went the Paris/Kim way, you would know. Bad luck. Rockstar with a LIL PP.”

Is he saying Fred’s hung like a gnat? I think he is.

“I love korn and Deftones Because the lead singer of those bands can SING. Lb now = gangban[g],” he writes in a different Tweet. “Yeah USA is emabrassed of you. Gtfo here. U hoped you would make 1 just 1 good song. R u kidding me #wigger I could fart n make a bytrsng.”

Isn’t that kind of like calling the kettle black, dude? Wigger? Really?

“I hate assholes that judge me for leaving a ‘band’ I was in for 15 years. Your like a fkn moose that got lucky!! Fuck fred durst !!!! I was talented and was an artist own before u even knew who Fred was. If tout gonna be a #wigger than do your homework. #housepfpain bitch!”

He also writes: “Honestly. Limp bizkit stole theyre qhol # style from Deftones. Vocally!!! Basically Fred is 43 years old. How long can that dude do it for the NOOKIE? Dont get me wrong there was Time When he wrote his own lyrics.”

Lethal later admitted he was drunk while Twittering, and continued to blast the band for being unoriginal and shitty.