She LOVES Motionless In White
I can only assume that someone in Motionless In White has incriminating video of Björn “Speed” Strid fucking a zebra.

Strid will appear on Motionless In White’s sophomore album, Infamous, on November 13 through Fearless Records.

A press release on the album didn’t list the producer, likely because he or she’s probably ashamed.

Infamous pays a lot more attention to real life, this time,” explains singer Chris Motionless. “It’s not about movie characters like a lot of Creatures was.

“I don’t want to make music to just exist, I want to make music that makes a fucking difference,” he adds. “So this record is straight up, non-fiction and reflects how I feel about things being sung through not only my eyes, but those of fans and people in general. As much as I love not taking music entirely seriously all the time, I do feel at this point, we have an obligation to remain a band that’s doing something positive and putting out the right kind of message.”

His statement concludes with a warning: “You have NO idea what you are about to hear, in the best way possible.”

Bring it, bitch. I’m not expecting much.

The album will also boast a guest vocal contribution from Bleeding Through’s Brendan Schieppati.


    this album is fucking amazing. you are a cock shiner chris harris

  • Faith

    Okay, look, Chris. You have no goddamn right to even think about ridiculing anything. And yes, she does LOVE Motionless In White. Who the fuck cares how she looks?
    “Maybe if your MIND was as open as your MOUTH, you’d understand that regardless of what anyone WEARS, LOOKS LIKE, or SINGS ABOUT, we’re all the SAME FUCKING KIDS fighting for what we believe in, and you can never take that away.”

  • Meredeth

    Wow you really need a good kick in the nuts. MIW is amazing. Until you are as siccessful as they are, you can shut up.

  • Ghost

    I came here cus the hot chick, but fuck you they are amazing! you obviously do not know the genre and should not be writing about them.