Matt Sorum
I’m finding most people don’t give much of a fuck about Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent rant. Then, there’s guys like The Faceless’ Michael Keene, who think the Green Day frontman’s psychotic with an overinflated ego.

Some dudes, like Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, think Billie Joe did the right thing.

Me? I’m sorta on the fence about it. Yes, it does seem like he’s just being a dickhead rock star, but after all this time, dude’s gotta be frustrated to be part of the machine. I think he just needs to fucking chill out, and retire already.

The world doesn’t need a new Green Day record, let alone fucking three.

Sorum defended Armstrong’s rant, calling it “the most punk rock thing he has ever done.”

That might be possible.

Sorum added on Twitter that he lost some respect for the Green Day frontman when he apologized for his outburst.

“Then [Billy] had to go and ruin it by apologizing. Corporate rock is alive and well. Never really bought that band anyway.”

  • TWaller

    I’m not a Green Day fan. I wound up here by searching for Guns n Roses news.

    You’re very far off the mark here, my friend: “The world doesn’t need a new Green Day record, let alone fucking three.” Here’s an idea: go to Green Day’s next arena show, where there will be thousands and thousands of die-hard fans, and tell them, “No, you fools, listen to me! Green Day is part of the machine, and they should retire!”

    Do you REALLY think anyone will care what the fuck you say? The point is that it’s just sooooooo easy to put on this air of superiority when it comes to music, film, art, whatever. And people just fucking LOVE to do it, because it gives them a sense of identity. “Oh, look at me, film is my THING. Music is my THING.”

    No, it’s not your thing. If it were your thing, you’d be the one playing to packed arenas all over the world. But you aren’t talented, so instead, you can become one of those self-important assholes who says “No, let me tell YOU what’s a good album, because I’M A FUCKING MUSIC NERD!”

    It’s just so eye-rolling ridiculous to see nobodies like you put on this veneer of authority and superiority and point at huge successes like Green Day and say “hahahaha, I’m so much better than you, you suck, you suck!”

    • christhescribe

      Get laid much?