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Sevendust To Host Intimate, Expensive Meet-And-Greet


Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust
You know, before I started writing about music, I was like you: I liked bands, respected various musicians for being deities of their craft, and got excited every time I got to go to a show.

Now, I’m a jaded asshole. But I can imagine that if you’re a true fan of a band, a special, highly-intimate in-studio meet-and-greet with that band might give you a boner.

If you like Sevendust, you probably already have a boner. But the head’s about to pop right off, for reals.

The band will be hosting a special meet-and-greet and more at Architekt Music in Butler, New Jersey.

This is the very studio where they have been writing and recording their new album. So, stalkers — go find Lajon!

Tickets will be limited to 107 people and guarantee a new album preview, exclusive t-shirt, club performance and more. 

Price for admission starts at — get this! — $150.

You can go waste your money at this link.