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Brooklyn-based indie duo Buke & Gase are set to perform tomorrow evening, Friday Sept 28th at the Vera Project, along with Deerhoof, and Raleigh Moncrief. Tickets are $16 before fees, and are available here.

Buke & Gase have a stark and spare instrument sound with Arone Dyer’s vocals at times reaching Nina Persson-esque levels of sweetness tempered with a hefty dose of soulfulness. Aron Sanchez is the other half of the duo, and watching the two of them play their instrument contraptions is reason enough to attend tomorrow.

B&G are known for their self-styled modifications to instruments. The music that they make is done with Rube Goldberg machines that operate on dark energy and erupt with creativity. Their cover of ‘Blue Monday’ on Function Falls sounds like it was composed using a piano from another dimension, a tambourine hitting a bass drum, and synth lines that fall right in that sweet spot where the sound feels like blankets.

This may be your last chance to see Buke & Gase at as intimate a venue as Vera. They are on the rise, like Poliça, who’s last Vera show will likely be their last. See them now, when you can hear the heavy breathing during the acrobatics, before there is the moat of security, and the height of the taller stages they are bound to occupy very soon.

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