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Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change You By Pig Destroyer's Blake Harrison


Guest Column
In our ongoing series of guest columns, we’ve asked a bunch of metal’s heaviest hitters to provide us with a list of five crucial albums they think will change you — either for the better or the worse. Today, we hear from Blake Harrison of the mighty Pig Destroyer, and his list is pretty much brutal from beginning to end; nice selections, I must say.

Assück — Anticapital/Blindspot/+3 compilation
Classic Assück, combining the crust/punk sensibilities with the technicality of a death metal band. One of the most underrated drummers in grindcore.

Phobia — Means Of Existence
The first LP from the punk crust gods. This record is so filthy, you need to take a shower after listening to it. Elements of grind, punk, death metal and of course crust.

Napalm Death — Harmony Corruption
I know, may be a tad cliché, but this is the record that changed my life and got me into grind. Barney’s vocals are inhuman, including the elements of death metal…this slab is nasty as fvck.

EyeHateGod — Take As Needed For Pain
The first full length with the classic guitar duo of Patton and Bowers. Slow, dirgey, heavy, and completely unrelenting, this IS sludge.

Despise You — West Side Horizons
Fast, furious and mean, this is the finest power violence one can own. Punk as hell vocals and riffs make this an instant classic.