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Readers’ Bands: Meet Shall Be The Conqueror


Shall Be The Conqueror
Maybe you’ve heard of Shall Be The Conqueror before today, and if you have, “Bravo.”

Me? I hadn’t heard of them until I received a message from one of the dudes in the band: Josh.

“We’re a five-piece experimental metal band from Chillicothe, Ohio,” Josh writes. “We have an EP that was released last year and we are shooting for the release of our full-length this fall that was engineered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, He Is Legend) of The Basement Studios in Winston-Salem NC, as well as plans to hit the road again starting in spring.”

Damn, dude. That’s mighty impressive. Glad to have you as a reader, mate. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to introduce you to other readers right now, by way of this very column.

Cool, right?

Shall Be The Conqueror are actually quite talented, if you ask me. I didn’t listen to their entire catalog, of course, but what I heard, I liked.

See if you like them right now, won’t you?