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So, This New Soundgarden Song’s Got Me Worried


I was worried yesterday, and now, today, as I listen to the official audio released by the band, I’m still worried about the new Soundgarden album.

After hearing this new song, “Been Away Too Long” (which, ironically, may actually be true), and that song from “The Avengers,” I’m worried.

Aside from the one riff towards the end, I’m finding I’m not digging this song, really. Maybe I need to listen to it 1,000 more times and it will clique, but…dare I say it?…I wish Audioslave were still around.

Is it me, or are the drums weak sauce? I’m not used to that. And remember — this is all my opinion, which soldiers died on foreign soils protecting my freedom to express. Sorry, been dealing with Knuckleheads the last 24 hours.

Anyways, the song that follows at the end of this post is from Soundgarden’s forthcoming album, King Animal, which comes out on November 13.

I seriously hope the rest of the album destroys this crap, because I feel like this could have been a B-side from that Chris Cornell hip-hop record.