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Strife Streaming New Song Online — Hear It Now!


I hope you had a yummy, delicious vegan lunch, because Strife have a new song streaming today that’s just out of sight.

Dig it, daddy-Os. You can hear that ditty at the end of this post.

It’s a song called “Torn Apart,” and fuck me if it isn’t hardcore shot straight out of a fucking cannon.

The song comes from the group’s new album, Witness A Rebirth, which will be released on November 6 through 6131 Records.

You know, I actually dig this shit a lot.

Strife is fucking back, kids.

The album was produced by Nick Jett and boasts the drumming chops of one Igor Cavalera of Sepultura.

If this track doesn’t do something to you physically, and you respond in no way physiologically, you might be a corpse.

Lay down and just close your eyes. It’s time.