Not much to say here, the performance was awesome

This latest Dorian’s Parlor, a popular steampunk event in Philadelphia, did an incredibly solid job providing performances to keep the night moving. The fashion show was easily the best one I’ve seen to date.  Not only did we get to see some colorful and fun costumes but there was a story playing out in the background regarding a crazy woman, a British police officer and a completely innocent looking clown.

Seriously, this guy looks to be a straight shooter!


As always the “The Wandering Cellist” did an excellent job. I have always been a fan of string instruments and he can really play that cello.  He even did some singing this time around!  I am starting to get annoyed with his consistent mark of excellence, and am running out of words of praise for the guy.  It makes it hard to strike up a conversation with him without sounding like a broken record!  Only if he would just play something poorly so I can be an angry internet blogger about how he’s slipping and loosing touch with reality…

I guess that's one way to remove unwanted arm hair


Little Miss Rollerhoops and Crickett were fun as always throwing  fire around and doing an excellent job of drawing a crowd! This time around I took the opportunity to talk to them after their show and unsurprisingly they were some awesome people to chat with, thankfully.  If they were mean people they have plenty of resources and skills to set you on fire.

My little Neo-Victorian: Friendship is Steampunk


Dorian’s Parlor is a bit different than other steampunk events since the attendees tend to take the term a bit more loosely than events such as “Steampunk World’s Fair” does. That night was certainly no exception as we had a couple extraordinary examples of geek cultures colliding. Just look at that picture! I bet you never expected such a perfect merging of My Little Pony and Steampunk in your life! Also the Doctor was present to bust some dance moves on the dance floor, sadly the Dalek did not provide any soufflé…

Wait a minute... the doctor with a alcoholic beverage? That's not canon!


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