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Darkthrone Reissuing A Blaze In The Northern Sky


A Blaze In The Northern Sky
This is fucking rad, and if you think otherwise, I feel like we can’t be friends anymore.

A Blaze In The Northern Sky, Darkthrone’s ground-shattering second album, will be reissued soon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album’s release.

Hailed as an album of true scene-shifting greatness, the album saw a whole new blacker than black Darkthrone, new names, new cold and stripped down sound and highly visual black and white artwork.

Due on November 5 through Peaceville, this special edition of A Blaze In The Northern Sky contains an additional CD featuring Fenriz talking about his memories and recollections of the album’s construction as the music plays in the background.

That’s rad. I wish more bands would do that, actually. Any band that re-released an album. This should be a requirement.

This edition is also presented in digibook format with extra liner notes from Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, plus rare and previously unseen images. It also contains video interviews with Nocturno and Fenriz from 2003.