Happy National Coffee Day. It’s the completely made-up jittery, jumped-up, caffeine-laden holiday with origins as murky as the bottom of a coffee cup, and we love it.

How do I know that? We’re drinking more coffee than ever, and not only that, coffee has finally and decisively moved ahead of soda consumption. Years of public service announcements about the dangers of soda and hundreds of news articles touting the benefits of coffee must be doing the trick, because the National Coffee Association reports “a seven percent increase over 2011 in coffee consumption; figures that now puts coffee at a clear, 10-point advantage over soft drinks.” That’s saying something.

To celebrate the holiday, several franchises are offering free or discounted coffee drinks. Apparently every day is National Coffee Day for Starbucks because they are conspicuously absent from the rolls of special offers.

McDonald’s stores on the East Coast — Philadelphia and Boston, we’re looking at you — are giving away a small cup of coffee.

Krispy Kreme is giving away 12 ounce cups of coffee on Saturday. They’re also holding an online promotion. Go to the website and enter your near and dear information for the chance to win two bags of coffee per month for a year. 75 people will win.

For the really caffeine addicted, Noah’s New York Bagels is giving away a free pumpkin latte when you buy one. I guess you could also bring a friend to take advantage of the offer. I’d just bring a really big cup and pour them both in it.

Caribou Coffee is offering a small coffee for free.

Kangaroo Express is selling a 12 ounce cuppa for one penny. See, it IS worth it to save your pennies.

Tim Hortons is running a BOGO promotion if you go “Like” their Facebook page.

Smaller chains are undoubtedly running promotions, not to mention local coffeeshops and restaurants, so check your local news sources for coffee in your community.

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