Stereolab fans take heed, former lead singer Laetitia Sadier is playing Barboza this Wednesday, October 3rd at 8PM. Tickets are $12 presale, and available here. Sadier is touring in support of her new, fiercely political album, Silencio. Her lyrics speak of inequality, and fascism, but it’s communicated with comforting gentleness.

Silencio might be a departure for folks who are mostly familiar with her work with Stereolab. While this record still possesses a lot of experimental aspects like changes in mood, feel, and instrument voice, Silencio isn’t a pop maylay steeped in krautrock and sugar like former Stereolab albums like Emperor Tomato Ketchup. This record is much more somber, even veering into prog rock territory with songs like ‘There is a Price to Pay for Freedom (and it Isn’t Security)’ Many songs have keys that swell and make you want to cuddle under blankets during a rainstorm, this song being one of the most dramatic examples. There are also highly rhythmic and intricate songs on the album like ‘Fragment pour le future de l’homme’ which will surely make Stereolab fans excited.

Mostly it’s just beautiful songs. Never satisfied with one way to communicate Sadier dips equally into French and English. Try not to dance when you hear melancholy songs with a lounge bossa nova and Sadier entreating you in French to do things and hope for a better world. Bring a date, and be prepared to slow dance.

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