Ghost Adventures Investigators, Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, and Nick GroffReady for some spooky fun from the Travel Channel? Super popular and successful show Ghost Adventures returns for its 7th season with new episodes every Friday night at 9:00 PM.

This season features all new haunted destinations and unforgettable lockdowns with show investigators Zak, Nick and Aaron. As a team, they will be investigating each location by first researching and exploring its history. Then they confront the reported haunting directly during their dusk to dawn lockdowns by coaxing them and using a combination of electronic devices.

This season each episode will take viewers on a journey to different haunted sites, including the Point Sur Lighthouse in Big Sur California, the Black Moon Manor in Greenville, Indiana and the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre Minneapolis (sic) – just to name a few.

Earlier this week I spoke with the investigation team, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff about Season 7 and some things us fans have to look forward to.

Zak Bagans - Lead Investigator
Zak Bagans - Lead Investigator

Zak Bagans: The Point Sur Lighthouse was really awesome, it was just south of Monterrey and California and there was about eight different buildings perched upon this rock that looked like Dracula’s castle – it was insane.

And there was about two dozen shipwrecks right there on those rocks and about half of those saw mass tragedies. And this is one of the only locations that we ever investigated where these people are obtaining Class A EVPs as clear as I’m talking to you right now, that is how good the EVPs are that they are getting. And the voices that they’re getting are talking in Swedish – or Scandinavian accents, it’s really crazy and some of the accents are from some of the people that were documented that stayed there from that country.

So they’re matching those voice up to the people that actually stayed there and were the lighthouse keepers. When we investigated there, not only did we capture EVPs of a little girl who we think is a little girl that we found out died in the Los Angeles ship wreck right there on shore. And she told us that’s she sick, we heard her singing and we also captured an apparition on our thermal imaging camera at Point Sur Lighthouse.

Point Sur Lighthouse in Big Sur California

And we tried to debunk it and we couldn’t, there was nobody else out there but us and later after we showed this thermal imaging apparition to the lady in charge there, she told us that that apparition was captured in an area now that you can’t even stand – it was on a side of a rock about a frickin 90 degree grade and that’s where they used to bring supplies up back in the late 1800’s early 1900’s and now you can’t even stand in that area where this apparition was captured.

Not only that, but we captured a voice that said admiral after I saw a man that looked like – in uniform. And then we also found out from her that an admiral type person of that ranking retired was there with his family that watched those buildings. And so it was one of the most impressive lockdowns we’ve done in awhile.

<This episode airs; Friday, October 19 at 9:00p.m., ET/PT>

Nick Groff - Investigator
Nick Groff - Investigator

Nick Groff: As paranormal investigators we go into locations, we learn the background, the history, we talk to the eye witness accounts, we listen to them prior to us investigating, but there’s certain locations like the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, the Palmer House Hotel which is going to be airing very soon.

<Sedamsville- This episode airs Friday, October 26>

<Palmer House-This episode airs Friday, October 5>

We go in there and we listen to these owners, these owners are crying out for help – they sit there, they talk to Zak during interviews. You know, they listen – Aaron and I are listening to this as it’s going on and they’re telling us how they’re being harmed, how they’re being tormented by these spirits – this evil presence at these locations. And they’re very harmful for their lives, so our jobs as investigators, we listen to them then we dig deep on the history, what the building was.

You know, what the actual eye-witness accounts have happened there besides the owner’s telling us their effects that have happened to them. You know, taunting is a dangerous tool to use, but we used it for our tactics besides using other paranormal equipment and stuff when we go into these locations. Because what’s haunting, this evil presence, that’s there to try to validate to the owner what’s actually happening so we’ll entice these spirits – these evil spirits – and try to get evidence at the same time.

Sedamsville Rectory

Zak Bagans: Yes, it’s the Sedamsville Rectory and I’ll talk about that real quick, about the details of that one – at the Sedamsville Rectory these two people – this – I think they’re boyfriend, girlfriend, I don’t know – they’re trying to renovate this rectory right next to an abandoned church. And this rectory is where they sent priests that go in trouble and it is documented that at the Sedamsville Rectory they sent a priest that was convicted of child molestation and there was also dog fighting – illegal dog fighting that took place at the rectory as so claimed.

And, you know, for God he says that some of the most defenseless things that He’s created, children and animals, you know, if you harm those two things, you are a man of evil. And so that rectory has been cursed by some kind of demonic curse and a demonic presence and these two people that we go to help, they were being harmed. The lady’s father is 70-years-old, retired Air Force and received the scratches to blood on his back – they’ve been attacked. There’s been over a dozen cases of attacks with scratches on their backs and instead of doing a regular investigation, this now turned into an exorcism.

And we called upon a priest, Father Ashcraft who was trained by the Exorcist, you know, the actual Exorcists themselves – what were they called Nick – the…

Nick Groff: Exorcist.

Zak Bagans: Yes and right and we had to call this exorcist to come in and exorcise the location and while that happened, the guy was overtaken by a dark energy and it became very, very scary as he wanted to do harm to the priest and it just flipped everything in a different gear. And while that was happening, even the priest saw a dark shadow moving, a lot of unexplained events started going on, we captured them all on camera.

And then in our lockdown investigation we did capture an EVP and what appears to be some very creepy thing captured on full-spectrum camera – what we think may be the actual demonic entity that is responsible for this.

<Palmer House Episode, Airing Oct. 5th>

Palmer House

Nick Groff: Yes the Palmer House – Aaron, you had a crazy experience in the basement there, Zak and I were upstairs. That was a literally interesting location because the – what was the name Zak? The owner there, she was basically crying for help.

Zak Bagans: Kelly.

Nick Groff: Yes Kelly, she was crying out for help to us, I mean we’re interviewing – she had tears in her eyes, she’s like this is tormenting my life.

So we’re sitting there listening to her and not only that, but we’re actually capturing evidence during the day while we’re talking to her on our equipment. So that just started off the location and, you know, that’s a good tactic that we’re talking about when we go in there and we’re taunting these, you know, evil entities. But not even – we’re not going in full-blast just disrupting that – all spirits there, I mean there are good and there are bad.

We’re going after both and we actually document some amazing evidence, I mean it was so mind-blowing the stuff that we captured at Palmer House that we were just like, wow! The evidence that we captured is amazing.

Aaron Goodwin - Investigator

Aaron Goodwin: Yes that was pretty scary, <at the Palmer House>, I was kind of provoked in trying to get some evidence and then the atmosphere just changed and you could just feel this crazy like dark cloud vibe coming through and it was just like foam.

And then all of a sudden this broom that had been sitting in the hallway – our cameras captured it – sitting there still, and then we heard some bam hit the ground and like something just took this thing and moved it over and threw it across the hall. And it landed right – like probably like three, four feet away from where it was originally and that’s poltergeist activity.

And so when you’re down there alone and all hell’s breaking loose and stuff like that’s happening, it’s just kind of scary – real scary.

Zak Bagans: Yes, she was in tears – Kelly was in tears and, you know, when she started – when we were interviewing in the basement she started crying and at the same time she cried, we documented spikes on her (male meter) to validate that there was an energy around her and at the same exact time we captured two Class A EVPs, very chilling telling her person information and you could see that – just like her and those two people at Sedamsville Rectory, people can get – they can be owned by spirits.

They can be dominated by them and they can be puppeteered by them, you know, their energy consumes them and they can manipulate them and that’s – they’re victims. So these two cases are us helping, you know, these people, so it was pretty crazy.

Allie Hanley: Hi guys, I’ve been with you guys since you appeared on Maury Povich, and many of my readers are way past the whole debunking and needing to believe. They are with you 100%.  With respect to all the technology and the gadgets, and the formula for the show that’s worked so well for you through these many seasons; Can you talk to me a little bit about how you are – besides validating the spirit, what you’re doing to work and help these people who are crying out for help as described in these few episodes you just talked about?

Zak Bagans: Okay, I think that by helping them, they know that they’re being traumatized by something they’re unable to explain. If you’re physically being affected by something and you can’t explain it or you don’t understand it, you live in a dark cloud, you think that you’re alone. And to feel alone in society, to feel alone in life, that is depression, that is oppression and you want answers. And we understand with these people, we connect with them because we’ve had it happen to us, Nick has had it happen, Aaron has suffered through it, I have suffered through it.

And we know that when you’re under the wrath of dark, demonic-type spirits, they want you to feel like that. They want you to feel scared and by getting answers and documenting evidence that you are being affected – it’s like being diagnosed with something. It’s like when you’re sick and you don’t know what’s wrong with you, so you go on the computer, you’re trying to self-diagnose yourself, you’re all that – you’re not in a good state of mind, okay.

You’re in a bad – you need closure, you need to find out what’s wrong with you – it’s the same thing when you’re affected by oppression on the other side – you don’t understand what’s going on. And as soon as you tell these people look, I’ve been there before, I know what you’re going through, I have felt what you have felt – immediately right there there’s a sense of relief. Because you’re now not alone, you’re now telling them you’re not alone, I have felt this too – they’re immediately affected by that and relieved.

We take it to the next step by telling them to step aside, let us come in, let us bring in Father Ashcraft, the doctor, let us try and remedy this situation. Let us try and document evidence that this stuff is really affecting you so that you can see it, so that you can hear it. And once we are, you know, able to provide that – if we can, there’s no guarantee, then they can actually see what is affecting them, like an x-ray at the doctor’s office.

They can see what’s affecting them so now we can give them our treatment plan, we can tell them look we can give you the services of Father Ashcraft. If you choose to stay, here’s what we recommend, if you choose to leave here’s what we recommend – so that’s how we go through the process of helping.

Allie Hanley: So tell me what you guys got going on for Halloween this year?

Aaron Goodwin: Traveling to New York to do some press tour.

Allie Hanley: Is there a show or something that fans can look forward to like  a 24-hour lockdown, anything cool like that going on?

Aaron Goodwin: We have more episodes coming up, premiering all through Halloween, I mean the Palmer House, we’ve been basically living in real haunted locations, investigating them. So for Halloween this is just like another week for us, you know, every other week we’re in a haunted location and so I guess you could say the whole year is Halloween for us.

Zak Bagans: …then we’ve got the weekends to die for which will be every weekend on the Travel Channel as well, so you’ll see episodes of Ghost Adventures then as well.


After previewing several upcoming episodes fans are going to be getting to see some great lock downs and more of Aaron Goodwin doing investigating. They have a new equipment tech that’s helping with all the equipment. Season 7 looks to be as entertaining as ever.

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