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Gwar's Pustulus Maximus Revealed


The newest member of Gwar
Today, the members of Gwar released the first image of their newest member, Pustulus Maximus.

Calling him “the long-lost cousin of Flattus Maximus, Pustulus Maximus has officially joined the band in the position of lead guitarist, and will join with the group on their upcoming “Fate or Chaos” tour.

“At this point I have nothing to say to the press, even though I am talking to you,” Pustulus said in a press release. “I will let my guitar speak for itself. But let me add that I am blood-sworn to honor the legacy of the great Flattus and indeed the whole Maximus tribe. I didn’t come here to fuck around. HAIL FLATTUS!”

Oderus Urungus had this to say: “Naturally we were devastated by the passing of Flattus. But we turned that grief into rage and set about the task of finding a new guitar player. The first thing we did was sound the mighty Horn of Hate, and alert all Scumdogs, scattered across the galaxy as they are, as to what had occurred. What people didn’t know about Flattus was that was is part of a huge tribe of brutish warriors, The Maximus Clan. They are at the core of any Scumdog Legion worth its blood! Planet Maximus is just crawling with them!”

Pustulus is actually Cannabis Corpse and Antietam 1862 guitarist Brent Purgason.

Guitarist Cory Smoot (known by his stage name as Flattus Maximus) was found on Gwar’s bus almost a year ago, just as they were to cross the border into Canada.