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Anette Olzon

I get that Finnish/Swedish symphonic metal outfit Nightwish are popular, I just don’t understand why. I have never heard a Nightwish song I didn’t hate, but can appreciate other people may care to know that the band’s booted Anette Olzon.

“Another chapter of the Nightwish story has ended today,” says a statement. “Nightwish and [singer] Anette Olzon have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved.

“In recent times it has become increasingly obvious that the direction and the needs of the band were in conflict, and this has led to a division from which we cannot recover.

“Nightwish has no intention of canceling any upcoming shows, and as a result we have decided to bring in a substitute vocalist starting in Seattle on October 1. Her name is Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever, Revamp) from the Netherlands, and she has graciously stepped in to help us complete the ‘Imaginaerum’ world tour.”

Oh, so they just got an updated model.

“We are all strongly committed to this journey, this vehicle of spirit, and we are sure that this will lead to a brighter future for everyone. We forever remain excited about the adventures to come, and we are extremely proud of the two beautiful albums and the wonderful shows we shared together.”

Kamelot backing singers Elize Ryd of Amaranthe and Alissa White-Gluz of the Agonist stepped in for Anette September 28 at the Ogden Theatre because Olzon was suffering from fever and vomiting and was forced to spend the night at a local hospital.

The new chick

“We were in hell [on Friday]. [The] show [was] about to be canceled… But nobody gave up an inch. With the help from the ladies Elize and Alissa from Kamelot, we actually managed to pull of a relaxed and great show! The crowd doing the mass karaoke with the band playing was absolutely amazing. We were humbled and grateful at the same time. This is unity and help from friends and fans.”

Who fucking knew Alissa White-Gluz was a backup singer for Kamelot? I had no idea.

Olzon was pissed they replaced her for the show.

“I was never asked if it was OK they used Elize and Alissa in the show [Friday] night,” she wrote online. “I don’t think it’s a good decision they made and I’m sorry for those of you who came to see the whole band but got something else. But I was very ill and this decision wasn’t mine.”

She later write: “This is just music. Like life, sometimes we get ill and shows do get canceled. Rihanna wouldn’t ask Britney Spears to sing for her if she was ill.”

No. But that’s like comparing apples to dead babies.

  • Sarah

    I’m pretty peeved. I have tickets to see Nightwish in Melbourne in January and was looking forward to seeing this incarnation of the band.
    This is not the first time the band has had major problems internally – it’s been a pattern all the way through their career. First the issues with the original bass player (whose name totally escapes me), then the whole Tarja kerfuffle, now this. OK, Tarja might have been a totally self obsessed diva, and it can’t have been easy for Anette to tour with two young kids and being really ill. But to just sack someone – oh, sorry, “mutually agree to part ways” – when they are really ill, that’s just not on. Think the band, and particularly Tuomas, need to have a good hard look at themselves. Doesn’t sound like the happiest work environment to be in.

  • rcyro

    I agree with you… These guys have no class. If people like Anette or this was a horrible way to part ways. She was in the hospital to them in a foriegn country and left her to take a vote and let the girls play from Kamelot…. Geez. Great Unity.,.. Even if Anette knew that she was going to be replaced in Nov, Dec… Etc Which I am not beliveing until I hear it from Anette herself you don’t leave a mother in the hospital with no one there. My god, has this world really become that greedy on making some money over the health of a person. Then you have Troy give his 2 cents in an article yesturday, he is not even a person in the band full time and he is commenting. I bet if the other members where in the hospital they would have cancelled the show. I bet these guys cancel Pain in Novemebr so they don’t have to see Anettes bofriend Johan. If they don’t I hope she comes out and sings follow me. Anyway, just blowing of steam… I wonder how weird that opening of the movie during the concert is going to look with Floor performing.

    • This – it’s especially infuriating when you see the reaction Tarja fans had (and if you’ve read the tags they put on her profile). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was part of the reason she left.