Skin Job by Evan J PetersonJust in time for the Halloween season comes this collection of 21 poems that are sure to make your spine tingle. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of thrillers and cult classics, Peterson creates for the reader a world of macabre body horror: “Welcome to her alien genitalia, / Orchids of flesh, members emerging / oblique from arms, the back of her head” (The Froo-Froo Mutant 4-6). The language and imagery is very much akin to the works of Clive Barker and the films of David Cronenberg. Deformed flesh, twisting bodies, alien cells, and creepy crawlies are only a few of the horrors lurking within the lines of the poems within this collection.

As an avid fan of horror films I have to say that I was very impressed by the amount of film references within Peterson’s poetry. A number of the poems are direct references or homages to various horror and science fiction films (e.g., The Fly and Re-Animator), while others have them subtly placed within the lines. This collection masterfully brings together a deep seated love for horror and horror films with a love of poetry and the written word.

I’m not usually much of a poetry reader, but I was very intrigued by this collection. The content is superb and the book itself is beautiful. The cover art and illustrations found throughout fit very well with the poems and help to give the book even more of a dark and twisted atmosphere.

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