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Torn The Fuck Apart Exclusive Song Stream: "Crucifixion Infection"

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Wanna hear something nasty?

Meet Torn The Fuck Apart. They have a new album available called The Dissection of Christ, and no, the band doesn’t specialize in smooth jazz.

At the end of this post, you can hear a tune from the Kansas City, Missouri, band’s blasphemous new album. Torn The Fuck Apart do death metal right, and very well may end up being your favorite new band.

I mean, if anything, I’d call them progressive death metal. Whatever category Torn The Fuck Apart might fall under, I think they’re awesome, and this song fucking slays.

The band, formed in 2004, has been busy ripping faces off with their relentless onslaught of brutality.

With the release of 2006’s EP Skinned Alive and consistent touring, the band gained a rather substantial, and loyal, following.

In July 2009, they released their first full length album, Gods of Gore, and embarked on a US tour with metal veterans Monstrosity.

Crucifixion Infection