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Readers’ Bands: Let’s Learn About Blacksoul Seraphim


I like that imagery
Not a week goes by that I’m not utterly amazed by the talented folks out there who actually read my talented prose. You motherfuckers know how to play!

I started this column as a way to introduce new, often unknown bands, featuring regular visitors to the site, to my growing readership, and along the way, we’ve encountered greatness and even some duds.

Blacksoul Seraphim fall somewhere in between, only because I feel you’ve got to be in the right mood for their music. I’d call them atmospheric doom metal, but their frontman — also a member of Sorrowseed — calls the band’s sound “angelic doom metal.”

You say angelic, and I’ll say atmospheric.

“It’s very echoey, ethereal sounding doom metal, very much influenced by stuff like Draconian, Tiamet, and Candlemass,” says Rick Lowell, a member of the band. “With this band, I drum for them live, but I didn’t play on the record. The drums on the album were handled by Clay Neely from Black Pyramid, who also engineered and mixed the album.”

You can download their debut album here.

Now, listen to Blacksoul Seraphim, and give us some feedback. You think they’re righteous, or just boring?