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Sicadis Exclusive Song Stream: "Soldiers Of Damnation"


Blood Of A Thousand Hearts
Today’s exciting for the Gun Shy Assassin crew.

Today, we get to exclusive debut a new song from Kansas City powerhouse Sicadis (pronounced Si-kay-diss).

The song is called “Soldiers of Damnation” and comes from the band’s new album Blood Of A Thousand Hearts.

After listening to this track a good dozen times, I’ve decided it is impossible not to like this song.

You may not agree, but that’s how I feel.

Despite having an association with Five Finger Death Punch (Ivan Moody produced their first EP), I have to hand it to Sicadis. They’re certainly doing something right.

Over the years, the band’s shared the stage with the likes of Testament, Unearth, A Life Once Lost, The Agony Scene, Suicide Silence, Exodus, Despised Icon, Napalm Death, and Strapping Young Lad.

Check out Sicadis and tell us over on Facebook if you approve or reject this awesomeness.