Brooklyn-based duo Buke and Gase will bring their progressive art-rock sounds to Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie on October 11th, so grab a ticket fast.  They are folksy, innovative, experimental and progressive- in a nutshell, well worth experiencing live.  Comprised of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez, the duet is known for using improvised instruments – from which they derived their very unique name – the “buke”, a six-string formerly-baritone ukulele, and the “gass”, a hybrid of bass and guitar.  Pedals and amps add various effects to these stringed instruments.  Their music sounds as if indie folk rock and ‘70s progressive rock had a baby, perhaps something like Yes or King Crimson meet Local Natives or the Dirty Projectors.  This is only one interpretation of the nature of their style.

They made their first album “+/-” in 2008, were signed to Brassland Records after Bryce and Aaron Dessner (The National) heard them play a basement venue, and put out another album in 2010, Riposte.  The duet recently released an EP on September 11th called Function Falls.  The single from that album, “Hiccup”, is an electro-driven tune built on bouncing guitar riffs supporting Dyer’s airy, high-end vocals.  She sings truly and passionately amidst avant-garde instrumentals that extend the limits of indie rock.

Another of the EP’s noteworthy songs is “Misshaping Introduction”, which swings on a very repetitive guitar riff and a vocal melody line that creates tonal ambiguity against the chords of the guitar.  Dyer’s voice is multi-tracked and sports a very cool effect that makes it sound buzz-y or hum-y at times.  The song’s video could not be better accompaniment, enhancing its mood with blurry, accelerated, and colorful images of the duet’s members.

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