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Cult Of Luna Name New Album


Cult of Luna
And they’ve named it Vertikal.

Another misspelled word to confuse all the kiddies.

Vertikal is Cult of Luna’s first new album in five years.

It will be in stores early next year.

“Before we started writing, we were keen to find a theme that in a very direct way could be shown through the music, and we hope to have achieved this. We developed clear structures — very linear, refusing to over complicate the writing process,” the band comments.

“We realize fans have been waiting for what seems like an age for us to return to the live arena properly, but we were not keen on playing shows before we had the new material ready. There have been changes, and we wanted to come back on our own terms with something completely new. It is very important for us to transpose the idea of a new album into the live setting, to not tread water, and to include the fans in what we’ve been working on; you will be hearing this very soon.”

Cult of Luna are a special band, one I’ve been following for eons.

Word of this new record has the hair on the back of my dong standing up.

By the way, it’s been said the album’s thematic inspiration was the movie “Metropolis.” I’ve never seen it but will now.