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Deftones Reveal New Album's Cover


I dig it
And that is it.

Look at it. Take it in.

New Deftones album art. It’s dope.

If you click on the image, it’ll get bigger. And bigger. Touch it!

I always getting excited around the release of a new Deftones LP. Because the Deftones have yet to let me down. They’re reliable. Like a fat slut.

The band’s album Koi No Yokan will be in stores November 13.

You can hear tunes from the disc here and here.

Yes, I am definitely wet for this record.

Just FYI — the phrase ‘Koi No Yokan’ is a Japanese term that’s not literally translatable to English.

“It basically means love at first sight, but the distinction is that Koi No Yokan specifically refers to the feeling that this love at first sight is one’s destiny, with the who and how and why being, possibly, completely unknown.”

I think that’s kind of cool and romantic. Chicks dig romantic shit, yo.