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Cattle Decapitation, Slipknot Members Get Hitched


Cattle Decapitation at Ryan's wedding
It was a big weekend for love in the metal world.

Congratulations to Travis Ryan, member in good standing with Cattle Decapitation and Murder Construct, is now a married man.

He got hitched this weekend to his lady, Denise Reau. According to Travis, the Cattle Decapitation dudes served as his groomsmen. That’s them in the pic, decked in their formal finery.

Also, on Friday, Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson tied the knot.

Get it.

He’s now made an honest woman of his girlfriend Stacy Riley.

For those that don’t know, Stacy’s one of the self-dubbed “Metal Twins.”

This is so great, because I have seen those chicks hook up backstage at shows with so many different metal band dudes over the years.

The "Metal Twins"

Oh man…that’s too good.

It makes that “honest woman” line so much better.