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Shai Hulud Holding Public Auditions For New Singer


Shai Hulud
Shai Hulud are now holding public auditions for a new vocalist, which is kind of incredible.

Maybe I’ll try out. I can fucking belt out a tune better than a fucking hungover Lemmy. But then, when is Lemmy not hungover.

“It’s the heart that pumps the blood, not the face. The heart of Shai Hulud is its content. This remains consistent, rest assured. Faces come and go. Dust off our backs, and onward,” writes the band online.

“We are indeed searching for a front-person to lead the band on stage,” they add. “Not only to effectively scream, also to actively feel and channel the various emotions of our words and music through voice, intense physical presence, and visceral interaction during and in-between the songs.”

OK, I’m out. I’m not a people person.

“Any band truly rooted in hardcore requires its members to serve as conduits, not just players. We scream rather than sing for this very reason. If setting your heart and soul to music, creating, extracting, and sharing raw emotion while throwing your body into a crowd of people night after night sounds appealing, we’d like to hear from you.”

At the band’s site, you can download a folder with a bunch of instrumental tracks.

Download those songs and “record your vocals of the original lyrics, also included within, over any number of them. The overall quality of the recording matters less than your vocal clarity, and the accuracy of the rhythms.

“The vocal approach we think fits our music perfectly is ‘come as you are,’ simply, natural and angry. Your nationality, gender, and sexual preference are of no consequence to us. We’re much more concerned you chew with your mouth closed, and thrive on working well, creatively, and constructively within a group dynamic.”

Now I’m definitely out. I chew like a horse.

“Members age 25 and over are preferable, though exceptions are happily made based on your maturity, ability, and commitment. Additionally, a drug free lifestyle is favored over smoking, drug use, and heavy drinking, though no one will be automatically excluded based on the aforementioned choices. Serious submissions only, please.”

Send your submissions to

Good luck.