Has the 2012 election got you feeling a little blue? Are you tired of all the attack ads, debates, and never ending campaign news? Well, Philadelphia’s 1812 Productions has the cure for what ails you. Part Saturday Night Live, part improv and audience participation, and part Daily Show, “This Is The Week That Is: The Election Special!” is a live show for people who want (or need) to have a good laugh about the current political climate.

The show stars an incredibly talented array of ‘triple threat’ actors: Dave Jadico, Jennifer Childs (who also directed the show), Don Montrey, Aimé Kelly, Reuben Mitchell, Thomas E. Shotkin, and Alex Bechtel. Not only do they sing, dance, and act, but several of them also play musical instruments!

For those who have seen past iterations of “This Is The Week That Is,” you can expect to see updated fan-favorite sketches like “Patsy,” “Hey Bitches,” and “the roving lobby reporter.” But the best part of “This Is The Week That Is: The Election Special!” is that the show gets updated as the election continues to evolve. For example, when I saw the show last Thursday, the debates had just happened the previous night, and the cast had already worked it into the show for that Thursday’s performance. And yes, there was a Big Bird joke.

I don’t want to ruin any punch lines for anyone, but I will say that my favorite sketch involved a visit to The White House and then Mitt Romney’s mansion (the doorbell bit during these scenes had me doubled-over with laughter). Another favorite involved a local election for an expected office that turns real ugly, real quickly (and features one of my favorite Ann Coulter impressions to date).

“This Is The Week That Is” runs now through November 4th at the Plays & Players Theatre, located at 1714 Delancey Street. Tickets range from $22-$38 and can be purchased by calling 215-592-9560 or at www.1812productions.org.

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