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Devin Townsend To Stream "The Retinal Circus” Online


Devin Townsend
You won’t have to be in London to be able to witness Devin Townsend’s upcoming live event, “The Retinal Circus.”

Dev plans to broadcast the performance online through — for a nominal fee.

The three-hour plus performance will take place at The Roundhouse in London, England, on October 27.

Townsend’s planning a career-spanning set with a full choir, a theatrical cast, visual and aural enhancements, some special guests, and circus and carnival performers.

“A retrospective of my career in music to date, with the central theme being a metaphor of how life and the adventures therein are a ‘circus’ of sorts,” says Devin.

“The show involves a cast of characters and guests that support this theme through carnival type performances. A story about how a troubled young man dreams of fantastic scenarios, (illustrated through the music of my back catalogue), which ultimately crests in the characters realization that life is all about the relationships we have with each other. This is the first opportunity I have been given to make theatrical representations of my music.”

I know Devin’s excited about it. I’m excited, too. I am hoping if all goes well, the circus will come to my town.