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Rage Against The Machine Releasing Box Set


Rage Against The Machine
That’s right.

If you want to feel old, read the following sentence: Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled debut turns 20 this year.

Fuck me.

To celebrate, the group will offer you the chance to purchase the album all over again, but in box set form.

Dubbed XX, the box includes unreleased footage of the band’s earliest concerts.

There will also be a remastered version of the original record — a classic, at this point — with various demos and videos.

It also comes with a 40-page booklet and a 2-sided poster.

I’m bummed there’s no unreleased material on the fucker. You’d think there has to be some RATM tune we’ve never heard lying around somewhere.

Sony’s Legacy Recordings will release the set November 22.

The price? Close to $150.