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Readers’ Bands: Let’s Mosh To Black Thorn Halo


Black Thorn Halo
We launched this column more than six months ago, with one mission in mind: Give the bands of our allegiant readership a little publicity because, well, publicists are fucking mad expensive and, generally speaking, it is difficult for smaller bands to get noticed outside of their area code.

I have a sneaking suspicion Black Thorn Halo will be one of those bands that people start taking notice of very, very soon.

Rafael Lopez, the vocalist for Black Thorn Halo, has been a reader since way back. He’s from Austin, and his band’s the cat’s pajamas.

He wrote to the site saying the band was “hoping to work with you for something on the mighty Gun Shy Assassin as well.” SXSW regulars, these dudes are thrash as all hell. Take two parts Testament and mix that with two parts Pantera, and you’ve got Black Thorn Halo.

Most of the bands our readers are in are pretty solid, but truly…this Black Thorn Halo I can see signing with a smaller label, and maybe landing a sweet opening slot on an Overkill or Warbringer tour.

Check them out, and tell us on Facebook what you think of ‘em.