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Sevendust Done With New Album

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She thinks Sevendust is something you snort
Man, I’ve gotta admit it…I have been a bad baseball fan this year.

The postseason is here, and I’m keeping tabs on all the games through my Facebook feed.

Pathetic. But honestly, I’ve been so fucking busy, I’ve had no time to catch the Yankees.

I never imagined myself working this hard for so little. When our grandparents were our age, if they couldn’t get a gig in their respective fields, at least they could get factory jobs. But computers work cheaper.

The result? Most of us will work harder than any of our predecessors had to, for a mere pittance in comparison. Fuck, is that depressing.

Sevendust have been working a lot as of late, and now, work on their new album is done.

Sevendust’s forthcoming ninth studio album is a wrap, bitches.

The band tracked the album at Arkitekt Studios in Butler, New Jersey.