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Clutch Reveal New Album Title


Dude, Clutch just put out a press release about their new album.

The disc will be called Earth Rocker. I dig it.

The album will be released in March 2013 on the band’s own Weathermaker Music label. The album was produced by Machine and is described by the band’s guitarist Tim Sult as “the heaviest and fastest Clutch album to date.”

I’m a tad skeptical, because everyone says that. But Jesus fuck, do I hope that’s true.

Clutch will embark on the Earth Rocker world tour beginning in the United Kingdom in January 2013. The North American trek will run from March 8 through April 20.

Fans can keep up on the progress of Earth Rocker here. .

“Last-minute overdubs are fun,” says Neil Fallon. “Harmonicas, tambourines (yes, we use those), claps, the odd backing vocal.

“Recording can be monotonous, so those unintended moments can be a lot of fun. It’s kind of like kindergarten music class, but with beer. And sometimes the spontaneity of a last-ditch idea breathes a lot of life back into a song that we’ve been beating up for weeks on end. A looming deadline can be a great muse!”

He continued: “[Earth Rocker] has a lot in common with Blast Tyrant in that Machine’s production techniques are really unique. [However] it differs from Blast Tyrant and a lot of other Clutch records in that, overall, the songs are faster and concise.”

This kid’s psyched.