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Hivesmasher Exclusive Song Stream: "Can Of Awesometism"


Gutter Choir
We happen to dig Hivesmasher here at Gun Shy Assassin. No lie. We’ve been fans of the band for nearly two years now.

So we were super psyched to learn last month that the band had inked a deal with Black Market Activities, the label launched by The Red Chord’s Guy Kozowyk.

We were even more psyched to learn last week that the band wanted us to stream a cut off of their forthcoming record, and that that song boasts guest vocals from Guy.

That’s a ton of fucking win, people.

At the end of this post, you can listen to that very song.

It’s called “Can Of Awesometism” and you will have a chance to own this song when Hivesmasher’s Gutter Choir drops October 23. And it is one of the best records to hit shelves this year. Believe that.

If you dig crazy fast, punishing grind, Hivesmasher is your new poison.

Hivesmasher’s forthcoming album was allegedly recorded entirely in “living rooms, closets, and basements” and is devoid of studio trickery.

That makes it even better.

The new disc also boasts a guest appearance from Fit For an Autopsy/Premonitions of War vocalist Nate Johnson.

Now, sit back, put your feet up, and unzip your pants. You’re going to need some room to grow.