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Bane Exclusive Song Stream: "As Chaos Rises"


Today, we’ve got something special for you folks.

At the end of this post, we’re streaming a new track from Serbian blackened death metal wizards Bane.

Not to be confused with the American hardcore outfit, Bane are vicious.

The track we’re streaming today comes from the band’s second studio album The Acausal Fire.

Fast, punishing, and devastating, you’re going to find “As Chaos Rises” will have something else rising. And I am of course referring to your pain threshold, because you’ll be banging that head like you’re fixing to snap it off.

The Acausal Fire is now available through Abyss Records.

Just FYI: Bane have shared the stage with some pretty potent acts, including Sodom, Decapitated, and Malevolent Creation.

Check out Bane, and let us know if you’re a fan.

It may take a second to load, so be patient.

As Chaos Rises