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Bloomberg Injects Bi-Partisan Money Into 2012 Races

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Awesome news…but talk about the 11th hour!

From Bloomberg’s site:

Michael R. Bloomberg today announced a new major effort to support candidates and referenda in local, state and Federal races across the country, with a focus on issues including gun laws and education policy.

Over the next three weeks, the Mayor will be making an eight figure independent spending campaign that will support moderates on both sides of the aisle – as well as independents – who have shown a willingness to work in a bi-partisan fashion. Howard Wolfson will oversee the Mayor’s efforts.

So Bloomberg is his own SuperPAC? What does this mean for the future…specifically 2016? Well, if he can get moderates elected this year…I bet he’ll be spending money in 2014…and then poised for a run in 2016?

Here’s more…

The independent spending campaign will be the largest effort yet undertaken by Mayor Bloomberg to impact races and referenda across the country. The campaign will target candidates who support – and oppose – efforts to crack down on illegal guns and reform education policy. It will also make contributions to marriage equality referenda. The mayor has a long history of supporting candidates and referenda that reflect his independent and non-partisan approach to government.

In my mind…he’s laying the ground work for a third party. And he would, of course, be the nominee for 2016. Well, probably not a nominee, but a clarion call for a 3rd party behind his message and money. Basically, imagine if Ross Perot hadn’t been such a political newbie. In fact, he had been part of both political parties…and had more money. That’s Bloomberg. Sort of.

Interesting times ahead…